Dominic Scott
  • HD Camera of your choice (Please see HD camera list)

  • Anton Bauer Hytron 140 Batteries — LSFC Fast Charger

  • Sachtler 18 Plus Tripod

  • Matte Box with assorted filters

  • Panasonic BTLH 900A 9″ HD Monitor / Panasonic BT-LH 2170 21″ HD Monitor

  • Arri Light Kit W / 2-300 Watt & 2-650 Watt Fresnel

  • LED Daylight lite panels with color correction and diffusion, soft boxes and grids to use with other key lights

  • 200 Watt Pepper Lights

  • Aadyn Tech 1K Jab Daylight LED

  • Grip Kit (C-Stands, Flags, Reflectors, Silks Etc.)

Crew West also offers a new grip truck, which comes included in some shoot packages, to handle larger field productions. Included, but not restricted to, are lights over 1K, silks up to 12x, Dana Dolly, flags, floppies, gels of all colors, neutral density diffusion, director’s chairs, pop-up tent, 2K generator, 1K inverter, and much more.