Over the past two weeks our media production company has covered NASCAR, NFL Pressers,  health issues for MSNBC, and various live shots.  For the Nascar shoot we used an HDX900 and gathered opening remarks , b-roll of the event and the car reveal at the Penske Racing Museum.  Sat West did two HD talkbacks from Chase Field with Danica Patrick and Mark Martin.  NFL Films hired Crew West, our media production company, to cover the home and visitor press conferences in HD.  We used the HDX900 and the XD camera for this shoot.  We did two separate uplink live shots for MSNBC’s Keith Olberman Show simultaneously.  The story involved  patients in need of transplants.  Some of our live shots were with Yahoo Sports in our studio for their Fantasy Football segment with Brad Evans.  Our media production company is involved in a range of different projects from week to week.