Mobile Video Production Equipment is for sale.  Here is a list of items that we have left from our first sale and you will notice more items have been added.  Please contact us if you would like to purchase any of this mobile video production equipment.  Thanks!

2-4 pin male to female electrical plug cord

1-4 pin female to Anton Bauer Adapter cord

1-Century Precision Optics Super Wide Angle

1-Chroziel Ikegami Universal Toepoint & Rails

1-Tiffen Professional Lens Shade

1-Tiffen Professional WA Lens Shade

1-Tiffen Professional 138mm Retaining Ring

2-Sachtler Tripod Pan Arm (1 silver & 1 black)

1-Chroziel Super16 Matte Box w/Dia 85 mm ring

1-Lite Disc 41”x74” Reflector

1-Lite Disc 42” Reflector

1-Westcott Two Stop Silk Disc

1-Westcott White Diffuse Disc

1-Westcott Two Stop Silk Disc w/Removable Reflector Layer

1-Tripack Tripod/Stand Case

1-Large Tripack Tripod/Stand Case

1-Westcott ScrimJim Package (2 Silks, 4×4 frame, 2 sets of 6×6 extensions)

2-Set of 4×4 frames Westcott ScrimJim

1-Set of 4×4 metal ScrimJim frame

1-Set of 6×6 metal ScrimJim Frame

3-Various Length Stingers

8-Piece of Duvateen Black

2-Light Safety Cable

1-Matthews Rail Arm w/Extender & Knuckle Head

1-Matthews Knuckle w/1” Adapter

1-Matthews 5/8 Pin to ½ Stud Housing Adapter

5-Matthews Knuckle w/5/8” Housing

15-A Clamps

2-Lowel 5/8” Stud Connectors

2-5/8” Stud w/Base

2-Rail Clamps 5/8” Studs

2-A Clamps w/5/8” Stud

1-5/8” Housing w/Stud Extender

1-Anton Bauer Titan 2 Battery Charger/Camera Power Supply (has Interactive Logic Series)