When I arrived at Arizona Cardinals training facility it was still dark out and a chilly 40 degrees. I was greeted by the friendly faces of Andy Patterson, Doug Podkowsky and Michael Barcless as they were about to go live with Omar Ruiz of NFL Network. It was NFC Championship week and press coverage surrounding the Cardinals was in full force. Omar Ruiz had multiple live segments throughout the day and the crew made sure the lighting and shot was perfect for each one. Everyone had a “do it right” mentality, where quality is of the utmost importance and it translates to the work they produce. At noon we started setting up for the press conference. Getting the best camera position is coveted and a dozen media professionals busily worked to set up their equipment. Sound and lighting checks were completed, journalists arrived, and the press conference began. The whole process was fascinating. I helped with sound and got to be right by the stage. The experience I gained was once in a lifetime.
-written by ASU intern Danielle Lincecum