Being an audio technician, the most vital trait or characteristic to have is knowing your field mixer bag inside and out. Field audio techinicians are thrown into different situations every day from breaking news of the Tucson shooting to news of the day for ESPN. So, knowing your mixer bag is imperative while out in the field as things spring up or audio gremlins appear. After a year of true work, I completely disassembled my bag and made the most of the space within the bag, but stocked it with the gear I figured out I needed the most in the field. A great way to look at what audio technicians need in their mixer bag is to go through past call sheets or invoices and recall the shoot. Remember what situation you entered into with that shoot and what challenges were present. If you start string together common challenges and/or difficulties from past shoot and one piece of equipment fixed those problems, its a good bet to have that item within your bag. Finally, no matter how hectic a shoot can be, do not let your bag get out of order. A free moment always presents itself and take that moment to put your mixer bag back in order. There is no excuse to give your producer or camera as to why you cant find something within your mixer bag. Its your bag, take ownership and make it yours.

Crew West Audio Tech Doug Klausen