Almost immediately after our Director of Photography, Dustin Farrell, posted his latest work “Landscapes: Volume 1” on our Crew West website and on Vimeo our phones have been ringing off the hook with clients interested in time lapse photography.   “Landscapes: Volume 1” has been receiving admiration and high marks from others in the field.  It is an incredible example of what’s in store for the future of time lapse photography.  Not only are the images that Dustin produces visually stunning, he has incorporated movement that brings the work to another level!  Recently Dustin was hired to shoot a time lapse for Royal Holiday Timeshare Resorts. He spent a week in Mexico at resorts in Cozumel and Cancun.  Using the Canon 5D Mark II and his refined skill-set, Dustin again has “wowed” us with breathtaking imagery.  Here is a frame from one of the clips: