The Crew West/Sat West team was rushed up to Bellemont, AZ last week to cover the tornadoes that ripped through the area.  As the crew approached the scene they were immersed with debris that spilled over onto the highways.  Roofs were detached from their homes and neighborhoods were sporadically hit by at least 4 tornadoes leaving people devastated.  We covered live shots for the Weather Channel and the Early Show reporting the destruction that left many families homeless.  Of all the video production jobs that Crew West/Sat West has covered this was certainly one of the most heartbreaking.

Nevertheless, when the weather is foul you know Crew West/Sat West will step up to bat!

Why the baseball puns?  Well, whether the Diamondbacks make it to the playoffs or not, rest assured Crew West/Sat West will be at a game!  This video production job was covered by our President & Chief Photojournalist Jim Farrell, our esteemed freelancer Duane Oldham, and our quick as a whip truck operator Mark MacKay!  2 days of live programming may seem like work, but when you get to cover the  Tampa Bay Rays and the Texas Rangers you don’t care if you never get back!  Jim and Duane used HD Varicams to capture this event and Mark geared up with our HD satellite equipment to give Fox Sports Florida/Sun Sports the best quality.

We went from feeling the thunder to catching some Rays and then bringing the BOOM with our Nike shoot featuring Larry Fitzgerald.  The Canon 5  D Mk II delivered an excellent picture and sound as the Cardinals wide receiver delivered special good luck messages to schools across California.

Last week was certainly filled with a variety of video production jobs!  Click on the pictures below for a closer look!